Erotic Body Massage in Delhi

Erotic massage is an alternative to increase the passion and improve the sexual life as a couple. The main objective of this practice is to awaken the senses to incite desire. According to the portal the erotic massage should be rhythmic and slow movements to enhance the pleasure.

  1. Kneading: It is very useful in muscular areas such as hips, thighs and buttocks. It lifts, tightens and coils the skin between the thumb and fingers of one hand, sliding it towards the other hand. If the effect you want to have is more relaxation make it slow and deep, if you want more intensity, just change the speed.

The erotic massage is an act of love, since through the caresses there is a more intimate communication between the couple, as described in the following video:

  1. Wave massage: Close your hands to form a fist, hold the middle of the fingers pressing the skin, and make small circular movements. It is very pleasant if it is received on the shoulders, palms of the hands, feet and breasts.

  2. Suction cup: Gives soft blows on the body alternating the hands, with the thumbs in and the fingers together. These quick and light movements stimulate and refresh the skin.

  3. Small bumps: This technique is indicated for the more muscular areas. It is done with closed fists. It gives light, but forceful blows on the skin, alternating the obverse and the reverse of the fist. You should leave it for the final phase of the massage as it is the most exciting of all.

Complement your erotic massage with cinnamon oil, as this is a powerful aphrodisiac, which in addition to having a special aroma awakens your senses. Good luck!